MeCo Blend Set

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The classic shape of MeCo Makeup Sponge is designed for an easy apply, control and flawless finish with minimum product waste. Super soft and Latex free. Don’t just use it with liquid foundation, it blends even better with powder and cream. 

The peachy-shape MeCo plus+ Makeup Sponge offers you an easy & quick way to cover your face and body. Try sock it into water, believe it or not, it will become bigggger! MeCo plus Blender use soft and latex-free material, it is your best buddy of a full coverage look for sure. 

With the MeCo Blend Set, you'll have everything you need for a flawless look of your face and body.

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Bundle includes:

- MeCo Makeup Sponge

- MeCo plus+ Makeup Sponge


Non- latex Foam

How to Apply

  • Wet the blender with water
  • Squeeze out excess water before use
  • Replace your MeCo Blender every 1-3 months